Wednesday, September 27, 2006

You think you're too KEWL!

First of all, let me thank and congratulate the Khaleeji men who have made complete idiots of us. They will never respect an Arab woman in power, yet they will kneel and chant 'hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm' to a psycho black bitch like Condi Rice. What's up with that?
When an Arab woman steps up in power - she's automatically branded as a 'hoe' or the most preferred terminology 'el ghahba' and they make up all sorts of stories about how she got into power.
What's even funny enough is that these our our men who have lived abroad - studied, ate, enjoyed for years.
They will work their asses off to get a 'Western girl's' attention - with the wine and dine technique but they will treat us like little dumb ass girls as tissue paper - something you sneeze into and throw aside and move on to the next.
Khaleeji men will party, drink, do drugs, FUCK every darn pussy walking biatch, and keep a bloody score card of how many hits they've had in a week.
They come back, put their kandouras on and tighten the ghutra and 3egal on their heads and they go back to being horny ass biatches.
When it comes to equal opportunities, we're as equal as our housemaids (that is if they don't have more rights than us)
Khaleeji men say one thing and do something else. Ask one today about how he feels on the progressive Emirati women and they'll say 'MashAllah, amazing, good for them' - but it's a bunch of bull.
They go to the Majlis and talk about how the women think we are all that, and we are so open minded and think democracy is our motto and would never think to marry us independent thinking women because we are not traditional.
Traditional up my friggin' arse.
Remember boys - 'do unto others as you would have them do to you'
You are all set for doom
Get your act right and us women might give you a place in the society when we hold the reigns.
Put us aside and you'll cry tears of blood


wastedchix said...

well well ..

they say that women ruled the earth at one time .. and they will again .. and men sense that THAT'S why they try to keep us down ..

makes sense? or totally insane??

u go girl ..u need help? wasted chix got ur back ..

Twix said...

i guess there is a lot of truth in what u had said. But the fact is we men will always be men and there is harldy anyone can do about that.. so we will continue to think the way we do.. u can either submit to us being more powerful.. or u can go ahead and blog to the world telling everyone how pissed u r about the situation.. or.. and my recommendation.. give the world the good old middle finger and go one with ur life as u please not having to worry about what other might say or think... good luck.. or remeber the middle finger is a powerful tool..

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