Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Take a look ... i'm giving you a sneak preview

So I thought about it for a lil' bit and realized that I haven't really talked much about the who I am and spent time on the what I think, and I decided that this blog would be an insight into the world of UAE's inevitably doomed chic.
You see, I'm a writer by nature - it something that comes naturally. I used to keep a diary a million years ago but you know what they say about girl's with diaries. It's the good girls gone bad babe ... so instead I found better outlets and blogging was a good way of doing so without repercussions.
Who am I?
I'm 23
I'm single
I'm ambitious
I'm motivated
I'm successful
I'm open-minded
I'm moving up the corporate ladder
I'm U.S. educated
I'm dedicated
I'm a romantic
I'm independent
I'm ready to compromise
I'm family oriented
I'm attractive (all depends on what you like)
I'm ready to love

But no matter what I am ... at the end of the day I'm a young Emirati living in sorrow ... and I've become aggressive, so I have mood swings ... and anger ... and frustrations to let out because as I woman, we aren't not recognized all the time, or given the credit we duly deserve, our men lie, love and leave us and want a girl with no opinions. I'm angry because my country is being overridden and driven by Westerner white folks and Indian blue collars. I'm angry that although my voice represents thousands of women, I will always be shut down for speaking my thoughts. I'm angry that when I think to give a man my trust and love, he takes it as me being clingy. I'm angry that blogging is an outlet, but I can't act out my emotions ...

I'm so angry that my anger crosses itself out to leave way to tears that no one hears or sees and I wake up in the morning and start a new day ...

So now you know ...

My story's been told


Twix said...

I guess there a bit more about u !! nice to meet u :)

id really like to say that u sound like a very angry person... but im afraid you might get angry at me. so i wont :)

Inshalla you do get to whereever you want to arrive in your career. You seem like a driven person and out to proof something !! good for ya.

InevitablyDooMeD said...

Ofcourse, there is always a lot more.
U know the saying, never judge a book by it's cover so in my case never judge a person by her BLOG.

I don't get angry to stay angry, I get angry so I can feel what it's like and then go back to normal.

Thanks for the support. Hope u make it too :)

Anonymous said...

We all have the tendancy to come off as crazy, scary and angry when we try to explain where we stand. Don't worry about being judged for it, maybe we can have control over our careers and everything, its only the man/men in our lives that we can't seem to get right (yes oddly enough they have a mind of their on, emotions and hormones that make them act up at times too.. just like us)

Blogging is healthy as long as no one gets hurt. Release all you wish :) and having diaries don't make you secretive, it just shows you're just creative.. explains why you're a writer.. good luck :)

wastedchix said...

i know a couple of emarati cute guyz on the MSN ..
open minded and well spoken ..

need help??

(pimp moment)

take it easy .. at least it's better than K.S.A .trust me ..


InevitablyDooMeD said...

WastedChix - look me up on msn ...

We'll talk about u pimpin'us out. lol.

Zoosh - thanks for the props. It's a good feeling to know my sentiments are shared

Baroque said...

i like you already! ;)

El Manosanta said...

Hi there! i wrote about you on my blog, just so i dont keep my opinion to myself. plz come & check :)

InevitablyDooMeD said...

Baroque - thanks for the love, c u soon

El Manosanta - read what you had to say to me. I find it pretty blaaaaaaaaaaaaaah that u dedicated an entire post just for me seeing that what you know of me is not close to 1/8th of the person that I am. You are quite judgemental and life is not a fairy tale for me to look at it like a rose bush or a pastel of colors.
Anyhow, it's your opinion and no I do not define success by my present because you know nothing of my past or my future ...

X said...

dont classify people by color, nationality, tribe or region.

and do not stereotype people based on nationality.

there are rich and poor, good and bad, blue collars and white collars in every country. There is no country on this planet devoid of the poor, deprived or the bad.

and its not only 'westerners' and indian blue collars in ur country. u also have indian white collars, indian businessmen, indian rich and elite, pakistanis, russians, fillipinos, koreans ... do you want me to continue with the list???

El Manosanta said...

Nobody's life is a fairytale. It's a pitty they still teach that to children. Sooner or later we reach out to see the real world and find a lot of hipocresy and lies. Specially if you are a young woman in the gulf. But what do i know about being u? I'm the alien here. Does it mean I should keep my mouth shut? Well i choose not to. You expressed yourself here and so i did. Hopefully ppl will react. Lots will give u shelter n support, like Baroque and Poison; some will attack, like X. I tried neither of them: to show u what my foreign eyes could see, with the tiny bit of information I have (much much less than 1/8 of the person you are). I learnt never to see myself as a victim. I love my life and i want to share it with everybody. Maybe is contagious. Excuse some more blaaaaaaah:
"If we see ourselves as victims we will attract people and situations that seem to victimize us.
Every one of these situations that we attract are opportunities to overcome the limitations of our personality. We need these opportunities to prove to ourselves that re-enforcing limitations does not bring satisfaction or happiness. And we need them to challenge ourselves to understand ourselves and life more, and to free ourselves through making choices for change."

x said...

El Manosanta!!! attack?? did I attack her? are you sure or was it just to draw attention to your post? coz I sure as hell didnt attack her.

I like her and the way she writes. I just didnt want her to generalize the whole thing.

Most people in UAE see only the Westerners and Indians when there are many more races in UAE.

Whats more is that when people in UAE talk about Indians they refer to them as blue collars. when in fact most of the Doctors, Engineers, Businessmen and people in high level posts in UAE are Indians. In fact most the richest people in UAE are from India. Half of the villas and appartments in Jumeira are owned by Indians.

I dont think my post was an attack on her!!! Just setting the broken record straight.

El Manosanta said...

X: which X are u? maybe u r the good X but i meant the bad X who attacked here, dunno if u X guys are 1 or there are 2 resented indians just as creative with names. Anyway, i think one X is more than enough for us and beautiful india. And X (the bad one) to be honest with u, you sound full of shit, u have 5 keywords u dropped 50 times each: RACIST, BITCH, INDIA, YOUR FATHER (hers), MONEY. U don't have to be in rocket science to get the picture, but since you are in denial i'll tie some knots for u: U dont admit ur RACISM (u look down to emiratis and ur servants) and u call everyone a racist so you dont feel so bad being one yourself. U r full of pain for growing in a strange land and you will never forgive YOUR FATHER for emigrating to make MONEY. You praise INDIA like heaven coz U find shelter in its strong traditions, since u don't know who U are, c'mon u call urself X!, and u try to bury ur insecurities by speaking of ur MONEY, so u stay in the EMIRATES just as YOUR FATHER did. But all YOUR FATHER'S MONEY can't help u score so u enjoy calling her BITCH out of ur own sexual frustration. X is time u look inside and find which X u r, It's time u grow up and make choices, like a better name if u ask, time u breakaway from ur father and his money and learn to enjoy what u r and what others are. It's never too late.
And my friend good X, u r right: engineers and doctors and businessman are my Heroes.

InevitablyDooMeD said...

I c my blog is being usd for cyber fighting so let's set the record straight here.
X - you like every selfish human being on earth are racist and discriminatory.
I CAN and I WILL and I DO speak out against all Indians because you think you own my country when you don't.
Shitty ass drivers, smelly ass butt cracks and the accent! Wow! Yes, I am racist and I don't have a problem admitting it. No one told me I had to like everyone.
But since we are on the topic, all I c are the blue collared workers and where are the so-called rich ass Indians that you speak off - since the rich Indians are all living in Jumeirah, why don't they do a little bit of good and help out their own countrymen or set up shop in INDIA! Why here? This isn't BOMBAY.
So don't talk to me about discrimination. U of all people jump from blog to blog commenting on UAE nationals and our sentiments. How the fuck would you know anything about us when you don't know what we go through everyay?
U read one blog and you deemed yourself fit to comment.
I appreciate you dropping by and saying what you have to say but before u open your mouth or type on ur keyboard the next time around. Look at it from our perspective. So long as you are an EXPATRIATE in my country, your say means as little to me as the toilet paper I use to wipe my arse with!

El Manosanta - thanks for standing up for us Emiratis. It helps when its not only one person presenting the nation's voice.
I'm a big girl and I can handle the like of X (WHATEVER!!!)
U love life ... so do I ... I just love what life does not have to offer because I realize I always have to work my ass off to get what I want

El Manosanta said...

I'm not talking countries here, i just pointed out to this X being an asshole and turning this space for expression and exchange into sth we don't like, regardless of where he's from.

i'm an expat myself, and i've been one in many countries. i'm not a racist, and have nothing against indians.

I promess i'll fight no more

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, and it's kind of the same in Ba7rain too. I don't want to go back to the sick mentalities.


Leo. said...

lol, its perfectly fine.. i had a hard transition into adulthood, its just temporary, believe me I’ve been there. What I did, is that i found myself a hobby, i wrote and wrote endlessly.. of nothing specific really.. poems, stories, daily life.. anything that crosses your mind!!
only blog i update!!

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