Thursday, June 10, 2010

Confining thoughts to words to actions

I don't belong anywhere
but I do belong everywhere

Don't judge my taste in French fashion
or my cha7l'd eyes
Don't judge my non covered head
or my strut either
Especially my American accent
or my hiphop'd iPod

I don't belong to you
But I do belong to all

Don't judge my work ethics
or my pursuit to stand out and be better
Don't judge my international friends
or their hair, clothes and way they laugh
Particularly when they puff sheesha
or when we're traveling alone

I don't only belong to a community
but I belong to all societies

Don't judge my dislike for the same
When differences make a rainbow
Or when I walk or talk or sit with a boy
who isn't my mu7rem, husband or lil boy
Don't judge me cause
You see the world for what it is
When I see it for everything that it can be

I don't belong to your jailed thoughts
but I belong to the freedom of thoughts words and actions

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