Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Take a look ... i'm giving you a sneak preview

So I thought about it for a lil' bit and realized that I haven't really talked much about the who I am and spent time on the what I think, and I decided that this blog would be an insight into the world of UAE's inevitably doomed chic.
You see, I'm a writer by nature - it something that comes naturally. I used to keep a diary a million years ago but you know what they say about girl's with diaries. It's the good girls gone bad babe ... so instead I found better outlets and blogging was a good way of doing so without repercussions.
Who am I?
I'm 23
I'm single
I'm ambitious
I'm motivated
I'm successful
I'm open-minded
I'm moving up the corporate ladder
I'm U.S. educated
I'm dedicated
I'm a romantic
I'm independent
I'm ready to compromise
I'm family oriented
I'm attractive (all depends on what you like)
I'm ready to love

But no matter what I am ... at the end of the day I'm a young Emirati living in sorrow ... and I've become aggressive, so I have mood swings ... and anger ... and frustrations to let out because as I woman, we aren't not recognized all the time, or given the credit we duly deserve, our men lie, love and leave us and want a girl with no opinions. I'm angry because my country is being overridden and driven by Westerner white folks and Indian blue collars. I'm angry that although my voice represents thousands of women, I will always be shut down for speaking my thoughts. I'm angry that when I think to give a man my trust and love, he takes it as me being clingy. I'm angry that blogging is an outlet, but I can't act out my emotions ...

I'm so angry that my anger crosses itself out to leave way to tears that no one hears or sees and I wake up in the morning and start a new day ...

So now you know ...

My story's been told

What do you think of my blog so far

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