Monday, September 25, 2006

So you think you are your wife's first F*#@

Yes, my dear readers and this one is specifically geared to the men who think every walking woman is a potential F*#K and when they've quenched their thirst or rather when their families put pressure on them to get married, they quit their scavenging pussy hunt.
The funny thing is no matter how many years Khaleeji men may spend with their so-called love of their lives, they never opt to marry her.
Instead they go for the so called innocent, who don't go out, virgin girls. hunny, their ain't such a thing as a virgin anymore and if you do find one, i'll personally bend over and let you have your way.
A biology FYI for all of you idiots out there, almost every girl breaks her hymen way before she reaches the age of 10. The only reason there are many who bleed excessively is because of two reasons:

A. The fucked up men of our Glorious GCC countries push it in so hard that it bloody hurts

B. SHE DOESN'T WANT YOU! Period! So technically, you are raping her!

From what I know, most of our men don't even have the right package to fulfil the job and then blame the women that they aren't kinky enough. If it isn't the right size and length, then you're in deep do-do.

Plus, why should we care about whether you think we're virgins or not, since you men haven't been virgins even before you hit puberty.

So the next time you go around asking mommy or your sisters to find you a good bred wife, think about where her ass has been and believe you me, you are never the first.

Technology in medicine works wonders these days - for a couple of thousand of dirhams, girls today can get sewn up good, her pussy is tighter than a fucking Asian baby.

I'm glad I was able to get that off my chest ...

I need a drink ...


Twix said...

hehehe so much anger.. relax !!

and i sure can use a drink right now !! its ramadan so ill really feel guilty and wont enjoy.. rather hold my breath !!

wastedchix said...

bravo ..
i like the raping section .. it was awesome!

i couldn't have said it better myself!

good job .. let it out ..


Lamya said...

You go girl!Tell it just like it is.Oh and you forgot..if someone still has their original hymen,(note,not d surgically renewed one)then they have probably been lesbian all their lives..And they just getting married to satisfy society.I refuse to satisfy sick Saudi society.I choose my own destiny...And that means living out of Saudi,and pissing my family off beyond reason..

Fuschuabronzeyacutiyauaeyalochelette said...

Well, eventhough I can empathize with ur frustration/anger/rest of the feelings to a great extent, I have to say that there are... Yes I'm gonna say it... rEAL, STRAiGHT, non-surgically enhanced virgins who have not been locked up all their lives, actually live what people generally consider normal lives(aka brother not escorting her to her cousins house) in UAE. They exist right here in my house along with me.

But regardless of that, the whole hypocritical existance of the men's holier-than-thou attitude and back biting trends pisses the shit out of me!

One last additional note, your blog entries are amaZingly fun to read and unlike anything I've read online (or print) before! I'm surprised you haven't gotten around the craziness of Arabs facebook and other social media usage trends! =)

Dubai'sDramaDoll said...

I had to copy and paste ur name on Fuschuabronzeyacutiyauaeyalochelette but I'm sure your one of the very few ;)
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