Thursday, November 02, 2006

sEAn pAUl ... take me NOW!

If there was ever a man ... I mean a REAL MAN who could make me sweat, perspire, horny, wild, intimidated, crazed ... then it has got to be SEAN PAUL.

I know ... I know ... I sound like a crazed teenager but I can't help it. He's like the banaa waffle, melted choclate fudge, vanilla topped ice cream that you know is bad for you in every way and because it's BAAAAAD, you want it even more.

I remember June 2004 ... yes, the first time SP came to Dubai. He arrived at Virgin Megastore for a press conference and he looked perfect ... I melted and thought what's the best way to get closer to him.

Luckily for me, Ive got friends in the media ... AND I MEAN friends! Got up right in front of Sean with his CD in my hand, shook his hand, posed for a picture and MELTED!

His concert was even Da' Bomb ... I'm telling you any man that can move his hips, talk his talk and walk his walk like Sean Paul - I promise I will submit to you SHAMELESSLY ...

And now, he's coming back ... to DUBAI ...

So much to say ... so much to do ...

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wastedchix said...

Can't agreee More !
Take me wid Her Sean Paul !!!!


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