Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Malaysia ... some Asia!!!

It never caeases to amaze me how cultures are so different yet so similar ...

In my last trip to Malaysia which I have to dutiful relay my experience to you all - however painful it may seem opened my eyes to a new world of possibilities ... not only were half my luggage stranded in Dubai and halfway through my transit in Thailand ...

I was faced to deal with a human being who has a weird disorder - the disorder that I call "I'm a freak who sounds like a broken record disc"

I was also quite impressed with the Malaysians - a funny lot I must say, always so whoopdy - doo and smiling. I finally worked up the nerve to ask one of the smiley people what sort of drug they were on because no human race could be this happy withOUT being sedated.

And since I hadn't been to Malaysia in years, I was so looking forward to go sight seeing but damn Indonesia had to do their SLASH and BURN of their forest - so the city of Kuala Lumpur was fogged from dawn to dusk!

If that wasn't freak enough, I thought Arabs were the laziest lot of all when it comes to work - and frankly speaking, the image below speaks quite LARGE volumes about our work culture

But I must have been highly mistaken ... I hardly got a glimpse of action from them ... As nice as they were, they were too laid back.

Not to mention, they have no MEN! ...

The trip wasn't so bad if you count the quick "in and out"process, the whining FREAKO I was stuck with and the actionless pack of smiley laid back people

And I did get to have the famous TETARI tea ... gulpy yummilicious ... and the amazing Petronas Towers

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