Monday, April 06, 2009

What’s in a name? … Everything

She said his name …
And I, dreamy and non-chalant, never realized it’s the name I was meant to hear
And so she continued, as his name melted like Swiss chocolate on her lips
Was it the noise? Was it the people? I wasn’t listening
Who is he? Who cares?
What’s in a name?
What’s in his name?
She’s done talking and I’m done listening …
And I, forgot his name

She said his name …
And I, agreed with her … it is exotic … it is dreamy … he is dreamy
And so she continues, and as his name rolls off her tongue like a habit
I want his name to roll off my tongue …
The way she says his name, she can’t truly be his, can he truly be hers?
What’s that noise? My thoughts, my emotions?
Who cares? I do
Who is he? He is hers but not mine.
What do I do? Nothing …
She’s not done talking and I’m not done listening
And I say his name all the time

She said his name …
And I, excited and enthralled by this new found name and its meaning
And so she asked, and I answered and his name comes to me like a calling
What’s that noise? My heart pounding, my sweaty palms, the wind blowing
Who is he? He is who I want to be mine
Who cares? My entire universe
What do I do?
I speak his name
She’s listening and I continue talking
And now … I can’t stop saying his name

I say his name …
When I awake, when I fall asleep and everything in between
His name is the smile that draws itself on my face
His name is the rose color that colors my cheeks
His name is the flutter my eyelids makes
His name is the gleam in my eyes
His name is my Swiss chocolate I craved, and the habit I needed
What’s in a name?
What’s in his name?

… Everything


Anonymous said...

time to up date perhaps

Anonymous said...

whilst I dont agree with everything on this blog,
-from my 2 month stay in the UAE
-falling for and then wanting to marry a 'local' emirati (im muslim),
-being rejected by the family whos ONLY and completely unislamic argument was im not local
-from having thus my heart broken and us 2 cutting all contacts as she has now been married off to her cousin

from these points I can bitterly say I do appreciate where your coming from

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