Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Angry Lochaliya

In my "normal" life - the one that I lead that requires no anonymity, I have a good number of people who follow my work and would love to see what I come up with next.

However, in the blogging world, I am insignificant because there are so many out there who write better or even have a better story to tell.

It's been months! I believe 9 months to be exact since my last post which I did promise to update you but I never did. It wasn't a lie. I just wasn't so angry.

No, I didn't get married or have a baby. It's just been 9 months - not so much of bliss but loads of ups and downs.

Most of my posts are a way for me to vent out because I can't do it in normal circumstances and in the last couple of months, I have realized that I have a mountain list of things to vent out about so maybe I should use this forum to say what I feel.

Here it goes:

1. I h8 the fact the we (Dubai) claim to be a metropolitan and cosmopolitan city and yet cannot even produce world class calibre people.

2. All that glitters aint gold - that is for the real estate mambo jambo crap where the Dubai skyline is so glittery (on a non foggy day) yet they cannot provide access to people who have a handicap and do not care about the environment.

3. Brings me to the point of, why is it that the RTA was created 2 years ago - in 2007 - did we only start building roads in Dubai then?

4. People here can't drive worth of shit - two people to blame for this - people from the Indian subcontinent and WOMEN. I am a woman, but trust me, seeing some of the crap on the roads makes me wonder, did God make us without the driving chip?

5. I believe part of the reason for point 4 is that we teach people how to learn to drive on roads where the speedometer cannot go above 40 km/hr and then throw them out on to a highway where the speedlimit is 120 km/hr. It is about educating and we suck at it.

6. On education, what the hell does this Minister Haneef do? If they paid me half is salary which will still be less than what I am making now, I would still do a better and more efficient job.

7. I h8 how there is an amended law that prohibits us from seeking the truth when opening up the newspaper every morning. Everything is not rosy in sunny state Dubizz! In fact, it looks quite gloomy to me.

8. I h8 how many expatriates look at us Emiratis in the following ways:

a. The help me, you are local look!
b. The I h8 you locals because I want to be as rich as you look!
c. The I h8 you locals because you are so dumb - because I have worked for 20 years to be a manager and you worked only 2 look!

(on this above point - I will have to elaborate via a different post)

9. I h8 the fact that Emirati women have such little options to marry from. This is how I see it:

a. Eliminate anyone under 21
b. Eliminate anyone over 50
c. Eliminate non English men
d. Eliminate the mamas boys
e. Eliminate the show offs
f. Eliminate the gays
g. Eliminate the ones with small penises
h. Eliminates the liars, hypocrites, cheaters, bastards, etc.

And we are left with ... hmmm ... maybe 200 men! With no option to marry outsiders unless you are granted a special special from the Government or the Diwan (Sheikhs office).

Wow! Things are looking up for me. NOooooot!

10. The last thing I h8 is people who don't understand where I am coming from. Releasing thoughts is a good thing. For foreigners who read this and take it the wrong way, you are only hearing one girls point of view and many may disagree because they have a good story to tell - not that everything is rosy but still, it's not a bashing post. It's how I feel.

For the Emiratis or GCC Nationals who think I have no loyalty - well, let's see. I am willing to take a bullet for my country and I am willing to apologize and make mistakes because it is how we learn and grow up. If you can't do any of those, then you have no loyalty.

At the end, my loyalty is to Allah and my religion - no person or country's walls or boundaries define me.

I was made from nothing and I will go back to nothing

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