Monday, November 16, 2009

My favorite party girl

let's have a fag in a public place
Rerve up the engine so we can win the race

We'll make the guest list of the hippest club
All we need is to give hima few rubs

Round of shots - champagne too
Just don't spill it on my Choos

It we'd get called the "bitch in town"
Might as well do it in a Cavalli gown

Lets sway our behinds
Giving no one no mind

Let's flirt with all the boys
Make them our lil' toys

Curfews & parents
Are a few rules meant to be bent

We'll tell stories so good
Everyone'll get in the mood!!!

I got inspired to write this from people who live their lives like this - the infamous

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Anonymous said...

Nice...not as good as some of your other insights but nice.

As a non UAE guy, I love the UAE culture. I look emirati, so it helps I get some of the benefits of it...when i put on my kandoora.

I still have a bit of sour grapes abit UAE tho...vis-a-vis wanting to but not being able to get married to a local girl. What a strange, and un-islamic rule.

sour grapes :(

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